January 2017 Moment of the Month!

Dear Friends,

My name is Seth Moland-Kovash and I am privileged to serve as a Board Member and volunteer with POC (Partners for Our Communities). Through this work I have met hundreds of wonderful people who are working hard to make their communities stronger for their own families and for their neighbors. I’d like to tell you about one of those people, Alicia Kelly and how you have made a difference.

I met Alicia through her participation in a GED course held at POC’s Community Resource Center on Rand Road. Alicia is able to attend this class because it is in walking distance to her home, childcare is provided for the granddaughter she cares for and she has benefited from all the resources that are available to her under one roof. That’s what POC does – for over 20 years, with your help, we have been connecting people to the services they need and breaking down barriers to inclusion. We now do this in four locations throughout Palatine and Hoffman Estates.

After the spate of shootings and racial tension of this past summer in Chicagoland and throughout the country, Alicia approached me along with Kathy Millin, POC’s amazing Executive Director. Alicia was concerned and wanted to know what we could do to ease tension, to stop the violence, and how to talk to her granddaughter and other kids about what is happening in our world. At Alicia’s initiative, we organized a community round table with fellow students and POC clients along with myself, Ms. Millin, and another Board Member, Commander Mike Vargas of the Palatine Police Department. We spent time sharing frustrations and fears along with hopes for our community. The conversation made a difference.

POC is a lifeline to the thousands of people that walk through our doors. Each person knows they will be greeted with respect and care. With your support, we can continue to provide hope for: the child who begged us to help his mother learn English, the young mother who is homeless and came to us with her three week old baby and nowhere to turn, the 18-year-old young man who dropped out of school to help his parents pay their rent and now needs his high school diploma to get a job. Each of these clients can be a leader like Alicia whose stories we share next year. This will happen because each day our POC donors, volunteers, and staff bring down barriers, bear burdens together, and lift one another up.

Your support is needed to continue this work of lifting burdens so that Alicia and thousands of others can make a positive impact on this community. Our goal as a Board of Directors is to raise $40,000 during this end-of-year appeal. How much is it worth to you to build a stronger community?

 With much gratitude,
Rev. Dr. Seth Moland-Kovash
POC Board of Directors


Please donate at this time. Any amount is welcome and greatly appreciated.


Since 1999, Partners for Our Communities (POC) has welcomed and introduced families and individuals in need to the Palatine community. The POC connects people with local resources and provides a pathway for their integration and success. We are dedicated to helping people help themselves through a variety of programs and services. In early 2015 the POC board of directors voted to share its programs with neighboring communities.

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