ENTER TO WIN OUR UGLY QUILT: Read the full story on our quilt by scrolling below! To see the quilt in its full size, visit the CRC. Each square measures aprox. 9 inches. There are a total of  36 one of a kind squares. You can also view more pictures below, on our facebook page, and see the live drawing at

Drawing is on November 23, 2o18 at 12 PM. Winner will be notified by phone or email and announced here and at

Quilt Raffle Tickets

Here is the story of this quilt & how you can win this one of a kind quilt while helping support POC programs. 

ROLE (Reaching out Lifting to Excellence), the women’s empowerment group of the POC, is helping us raise funds by raffling an “Ugly Quilt” they made. Actually, the quilt is quite beautiful & was brought to us by professional quilter, Ann H. Because of her patience with us, over 70 women participated in making this quilt, in 5 weeks. At first glance, the quilt is intimidating. On one particular Friday, Ann taught a group of women who were being tutored in the Learning Lab on English language proficiency. Ann taught the process in English. But, the “oohs” & “ahhs” could be understood in every language as they understood how the quilt came together. These women were the first of the quilters who returned & taught others how to make the quilt. People from all walks of life, known to POC or not, staff, volunteers, students, family of client members & staff, our children, women who have never sewn, and more have given of their time to make this quilt. Why? Because the quilt is very forgiving to first time sewers and has a lovely story that we can ALL relate to. 

The Ugly Quilt is made up of unwanted pieces of fabric. These are pieces that one would deem unusable, ugly, and  too small to create with: Broken pieces. These represent times in our lives when we may feel the same: broken, useless.  The pieces are cleaned, ironed & cut into circles. And, who would have known that cutting circles could be therapeutic! Our door in the POC Studio is always open when we are sewing, and folks dropped in lured by the bright colors, unmatched pieces & chaotic pairings of circles. They joined in, they  cut, they begin to talk even though they didn’t share a common language. They shared about their youth & slowly eased into feeling at home in the POC Studio:

“I was not allowed to learn to sew because my mother only had daughters & I became the right hand to my father in the farm. My hands were too dirty to touch the fabric”.

“I wanted to learn to sew, but my mother warned me to not touch the machine or I would break it. It was her livelihood. Since then I have always been afraid”.

“We couldn’t afford even a needle, much less a machine. Folks in my town who had these were those better off than us”.

I am not crafty in an any way. I can’t sew or even cut a straight line. My mother knew this so she taught my sister but never me”.

My mother’s machine was very, very old. I think it was one of the first models ever made. It didn’t work properly & so we never used it. I cost too much to fix”.

“My father sewed. He wanted to teach me but I refused. I wanted to be a learned woman. I wanted to study. So, I said no & left the family business. Now I know that he sewed not only for money but for his mental health”.

They worked for 10 minutes to hours on the quilt & slowly progress was made as those that first learned, taught new people that walked in. New ladies working on the quilt tried very hard to make the circles match, to be less chaotic, more orderly, but Ann reminded us that perfection isn’t needed. Once circles are made, they are cut & reattached to other circles that don’t necessarily match, and this is where the beauty is seen. Cloth that once was ugly, becomes vibrant. Colors that don’t match become perfect together. Old, torn, shirt scraps become beautiful. Just like us at times, those unwanted, broken parts can become beautiful and useful once more. 

Today, we are raffling off our very first UGLY QUILT.  Now that you know the story, enter to win with $5 for one ticket or $20 for five tickets. We continue to work on ugly quilt bags that will be sold at our upcoming Fall Artisan’s Market (see first picture above).  Your entry will help support POC programs. 


Quilt Raffle Tickets

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