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About Us


The mission of ICompete is to introduce underserved families to athletics, arts, and academics by breaking down the barriers of access to better prepare for life experiences. The goal is to stimulate interest, provide academic support, and increase opportunities to participate in organized sports, clubs, or community programs. Our programs are made possible through the collaborative efforts af the following agencies:

Partners for Our Communities (POC)

Palatine Park District

Palatine High School

Community Consolidated School District 15

Palatine Police Department

Palatine Township

ICompete Programs

ICompete Passport: A mentoring program at Palatine High School for children in School District 15 in 1st –8th grades. Students are paired up with high school students to enjoy sporting events, team building activities and more. The program runs fall, winter and spring. Transportation is provided for 4 out of the 6 events.  Fee: $3.00

  • Falcon Park After School Club: Children selected by School District 15 principals  will receive homework time, recreational time, and the opportunity for structured games and activities.  Falcon Park works closely with the schools throughout the year to maintain healthy working relationships with families, teachers, and administrators. The program runs from October to April.  This program is offered Monday to Thursday and transportation is provided.  Volunteers needed.
  • Edge brook Community Center: This program is for families living in the Baldwin Greens apartment complex in Palatine, IL. This program is offered inside of a 1 bedroom apartment that has been re-designed into a classroom. Children are welcome to attend throughout program hours Monday to Thursday. 
  • ICompete Drop-In: This program has been designed to be placed within apartment complexes where families have limited access to resources and transportation. ICompete sends staff to the Baldwin Greens and Rand Grove Village apartment complex from June to September with sports equipment and activities! Both sites average between 16-22 youth each time. Volunteers needed.
  • ICompete Summer Fun: This program is offered in the Baldwin Greens and Rand Grove Village apartment complex. Participants attending in summer 2014 had the opportunity to engage in a STEM activities, and art exploration. ICompete invited children between the ages of 7 to 14 to attend.  Fee: Free
  • ICompete Summer Camp: The Northeast Palatine Summer camp is a unique partnership of several public and private entities cooperating to give low-income youth in Palatine the opportunity to enjoy two full weeks of summer day camp. Our youth camp reaches out to children 7 to 12 years of age. Children engage in sports, team-building, field trips, water fun, and themed days at Falcon Park. Information on summer camp is available yearly inJune.  Fee: $120. Scholarships available!
  • ICompete Summer Sports Clinics: ICompete summer sports clinics are held at Palatine High School during the month of June. This two week program is led by high school coaches and Palatine High School seniors. ICompete participants work on developing athletic skills, sportsmanship, and healthy competition. In the past, basketball, football, wrestling, cheerleading, softball, baseball, tennis, and dance have been offered.  Fee: $10
  • ICompete Ballet: Children learn the art of ballet that enables expression through movement, imagery and emotion. Each session of ballet runs for 10 weeks and is offered in fall, winter, and spring. Current classes are held at Partners for Our Communities at the CRC building on Saturday mornings. Participants are showcased at the end of each season. Please see below for available sections: Minimum of 8, Maximum of 12 per class. Fee: $28.00
    • 4-5yr olds- 9:00-10:00am
    • 6-7yr olds- 10:15-11:15am
    • 8-12yr old- 11:30-12:30pm
  • ICompete Hip Hop Dance: Students learn a combination of basic dance styles in an upbeat and high energy class. Each session of Hip Hop runs for 10 weeks and is offered in fall, winter, and spring. Classes are held at Partners for Our Communities at the CRC building on Wednesday evenings. Participants are showcased at the end of each season. Please see below for available sections. Minimum of 10, Maximum of 15 per class. Fee: $27.00
    • 7-9yr olds- 5:30-6:30pm
    • 10-13yr olds 6:45-7:45pm
  • ICompete Youth Belly and Hula Hoop Dancing: A class that combines the arts of belly dancing and hula hooping, burn up to 400 calories per hour and helps the participant feel great! Each session of hula and belly dancing runs for 10 weeks and is offered in fall, winter, and spring. Classes are held at Partners for Our Communities at the CRC building on Thursday evenings. Participants are showcased at the end of each season. Please see below for sections available. Minimum of 8, Maximum of 10 per class.  Fee: $22.00 plus an additional hoop cost.
    • 6-8yr olds- 5:30-6:30pm
    • 9-12yr olds 6:45-7:45pm
  • ICompete Golf Camp: This camp is designed to be an intense, half day program in August for children 7 years and older.  Through partnership with Revelation Golf, participants familiarize themselves with the basic fundamentals of golf including full swing, putting, and chipping. This camp is offered for three days and is held in Lemont, IL. 
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters: This girls only program meets twice a month at All Saints Lutheran Church in Palatine, from 6:00pm-7:30pm. Participants are matched with a female volunteer mentors. Family involvement is key in making this program successful. Participants registering must be female and in grades 4th-7th.. *Transportation is provided at all of the ICompete bus stops.




  • ICompete will release a “program sheet” during each season. This sheet will indicate program start dates and registration dates/times. Program sheets are currently available at Falcon Park, Partners for Our Communities at the CRC building and the Facebook page, and soon via the ICompete website (currently under construction). ICompete encourages families to come in and ask questions at any time at our two locations.

 Falcon Park Recreation Center                                                   Partners for Our Communities (POC)

        2195 N. Hicks Rd                                                                                       1585 N. Rand Rd.

      Palatine, IL 60074                                                                                     Palatine, IL 60074

-Please ask for Rachel Lara                                                                 –Please ask for Cristina Correa


Cash, Credit Card, and Check are acceptable forms of payment when registering for ICompete programs. Please make checks payable to Palatine Park District. Program fees are subject to change based on location, instructors, program costs, or class enrollment. Cash, Credit Card, and Check are acceptable forms of payment when registering for ICompete programs. Please make checks payable to Palatine Park District. Program fees are subject to change based on location, instructors, program costs, or class enrollment.


  • “I wanted to let you know I made an A on my paper. My experience working with you was outstanding.”- PHS Senior
  • “I just wanted to drop a note and let you know that my daughter is really enjoying camp. I was worried about her being uncomfortable because she is a little withdrawn but she loves it! She said the kids and counselors are all very nice.”- 2015 camp parent
  • “I struggle getting these kids to complete homework and seeing them willingly read pages of text about tadpoles and frogs and then report to the class was nothing short of amazing. I never would have thought these tiny things that we all started to obsess over would have such a big impact on the kids!” – Summer Fun Review
  • “On the days it was hardest, I remembered that there were kids and families who were counting on us. In most cases, this was my very driving force.” – ICompete staff
  • “The whole experience has been amazing, but the best part was the end when everyone said that were part of ICompete and that they love that we were there.”- Former Participant
  • “The kids I have worked with have given me so much to be thankful for and bring me a happiness that can’t be explained. Most importantly, these programs we offer would be nothing without the people who give their heart and soul to them each day.” – ICompete staff
  • “It has been fun to come back each year and see the kids grow up through the program.”- Palatine Police Officer
  • “To the families and to the kids we are recognizable faces. This is what a community needs when it feels like all they know is change.” – Rachel L.
Special Events/Projects

Special Events/Projects

Throughout the year, ICompete is given the opportunity to partner for special events and offer these to families in our program. These programs tend to change from year to year. At present, these are the programs offered. Registration is required. Program fees are noted. 

  • Winston Campus Community School: ICompete is working closely with this new development that will be offered to Palatine families needing a place where they can access resources in one central location. Parent classes, health services, and student mentoring will be available after their child’s school day. 
  • ICompete Overnight Lock-In: This event is held each year in April as a way to invite children who have participated in numerous ICompete programs throughout the year. In the past, ICompete has offered numerous activities that include a DJ, guest speakers, Hybrid Martial Arts, movies on the projector, tug-of-war, open gym and open turf, dodge ball tournament’s, etc. Pizza and snacks are served throughout the evening.  Fee: $5.00
  • ICompete Fundraiser: This event is held once a year to raise money to support the year-round programs offered to ICompete youth. Tickets for this event can be purchased at Palatine Park District facilities or at Partners for Our Communities. Stay tuned for the 2016 fundraiser date! 100% of proceeds support ICompete.
  • Better Together: This is a community event hosted at Osage Park in Palatine where families can meet School District 15 representatives and pick up some school supplies before the beginning of the school year. Parents must register in advance for school supplies. Community agencies attend event to help answer questions for those living in Palatine. The 2015 agencies included: Harper, CEDA, WINGS, Palatine Police Dept., Palatine Park District, Palatine High School Representatives, Bueller YMCA, Palatine Public Library, and many more.
  • Greater Foods: Falcon Park after school club works with the Chicago based Greater Food Depository from November to April to offer nutritious meals to students after their school day. This program ensures that children are being provided with at least one meal per day that encompasses items from all necessary food groups. This is essential to families where healthy items, fresh produce and food varieties may be limited.
Getting Involved

Getting Involved: If you are interested in volunteering, interning, completing confirmation hours, or have community service hours please feel free to contact us. Tutors are needed for school club at both locations! Additional opportunities will depend on season! Please note that you should be at least 17 years of age and have access to transportation. All individuals working with ICompete will be required to fill out all necessary documents including a background check.


Donations:ICompete is continually looking for new partners, businesses, agencies, teams, and individuals to help support our cause. Below is a list of items that ICompete looks for throughout the year:

  • Snacks
  • Crafts/Activities
  • New or gently used board games
  • Gloves or winter clothing items 
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