POC Community School


We are excited to announce the creation of the new POC Community School inPalatine, IL. Our journey began in October 2015 when Partners for Our Communities (POC), who oversees the program, and Community Consolidated School District 15 joined forces to offer educational programs to the families and students of District 15. Today we count on the collaborative efforts of the POC, School District 15 and the ICOMPETE program.  

Located at the Winston Campus school in Palatine, the Palatine Community School project brings together the academic and social support needed to ensure that all students in our area succeed by offering a variety of programs after the school day. The project is unique in that programs are not only available to students but to their families as well. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate alongside students.

Our community school is designed to support local academic programs and expand services offered within the community. We offer a combination of academic enrichment activities, tutoring and mentoring, technology training, culture and arts awareness, STEM curriculum,  recreation, and health services to students and their families.

Currently, students stay after school for academic help and join with other students and their families in the evening where they participate in learning enrichment activities such as cooking, health & wellness activities, music, and arts activities and much more.  Adults meet with our Family Learning Lab Coordinator for literacy services, ESL and GED tutoring, job searches and resume building. 

For more information on the POC Community School, contact the POC Youth and Family Coordinator at  847-963-7619 *2  or at the POC at 847-776-9500.  Or, visit the POC Community School informational webpage here .


One of our students in the after school program who is benefitting from academic enrichment programs at the POC Community School.

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