Partners for Our Communities builds partnerships with community organizations to connect underserved families with local resources and remove barriers.

About POC

POC mobilizes schools, churches, government, businesses, and individuals to build stronger and healthier communities.

Our Partnerships

By leveraging the services of over 30 partnering organizations, POC accelerates access to critical resources, meeting the needs of the under-resourced families in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Our Programs

POC operates programs that develop and strengthen communities.
By filling this crucial gap in services, we holistically ensure that families thrive in the communities we serve.

At Partners for our Communities, we value strengthening the quality of life for underserved and marginalized people. The following values help define who we are and guide the work we do.


We welcome everyone and foster an equitable environment. We advocate for our diverse community.


We identify our community’s changing needs and mobilize resources to proactively address those needs. We act swiftly within our capacity and with purpose.


We connect organizations and partners to maximize our impact for the client. We are stronger together.


We listen with empathy, kindness, and care.


We strive to provide every individual in our community with the opportunity and tools to walk their own journey.

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