Adult Leadership

We provide leadership training and volunteer opportunities to empower women, children, and families to give back to their community. By empowering and mentoring, their self-confidence increases and lives are changed.

Program 1

Reaching Out Lifting to Excellence (ROLE) 

Reaching Out Lifting to Excellence (ROLE) is designed to empower women through a variety of venues and opportunities that explore a woman’s inner strength, passion, and heart. Under POC’s guidance, ROLE members address a variety of issues including language and educational barriers, economic issues, domestic abuse, behavioral health and wellness, and cultural isolation. Members are also dedicated to “paying it forward” by involving themselves in their community through a variety of community projects, enrichment opportunities, and volunteerism.

ROLE members develop themselves and their community in four primary areas:


Through the POC Studio, women nourish their mind and soul using interdisciplinary, evidence-based approaches. Programs at the Studio include meditation, craft-therapy, devotional/women’s support groups, journaling, writing and vocational programs. 

To pay it forward, ROLE volunteers mentor and tutor women in GED, ESL, citizenship, drivers’ education, employment assistance, crafting, and more.

Health & Wellness

Through seminars, educational outreach and supports, ROLE women learn about a variety of topics that affect their health and their loved ones’ health. Topics range from healthy eating to creating positive mental health.  

To pay it forward, ROLE volunteers manage community gardens in the Palatine area from which a substantial donation of fresh produce is made to neighbors in need.

Civic Involvement

ROLE members are ambassadors for the POC mission and liaisons to the community, as well as continuously giving back to their community. Fundraising and volunteering efforts include POC programs – Roots Community Garden, Community School, Better Together, and A Place at Our Table – as well as many organizations – Kiwanis, Rotary, and PATH. 

Arts & Culture

ROLE women come from diverse backgrounds and have made educating on and celebrating the richness of those cultures a priority. Awareness of cultural traditions is fostered through artistic demonstrations, holiday celebrations, and a bi-annual Artisan’s Market. The Market showcases the talents of women in the program and provides funding for POC programs.

Program 2

CCSD15 Bilingual Liaisons

The Bilingual Parent Liaison program is a collaborative effort between POC and CCSD15, representing the frontline of our outreach efforts to our target clientele. The Liaisons increase the involvement of English language learning Hispanic parents and students in District 15 schools through a variety of programming. The program’s goal is to foster effective communication between homes and schools for families of students in grades Pre-school through Eighth grade. The impact of early and consistent intervention for families with communication barriers can be seen in learners’ performance in high school and beyond. As well, all of our Bilingual Parent Liaisons receive leadership training through ROLE.

The Bilingual Parents Liaisons run programming at all of our locations in some capacity, including:

  • Leading parenting workshops
  • Arranging presentations with social service providers to respond to clients’ needs
  • Leading computer classes for parents
  • Leading a parent/child book club
  • Offering childcare

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