Building Hope

GivingTuesday kicks off Partners for Our Communities (POC) annual giving campaign. POC is joining millions around the world participating in the global generosity movement. This GivingTuesday, POC will inspire generosity by BUILDING HOPE for immigrant children and families living in the northwest suburbs.

The most successful and happy people know where to find HOPE and they know to surround themselves with people that will encourage them and champion the good inside. HOPE is directly related to health, academic achievement, and professional success. For thousands of people, POC is this HOPE!

For 25 years, donors like you have provided HOPE to people of all ages and backgrounds through support of our programs and services that break down cultural barriers, lift up those residing in poverty, and make connections in areas of communities where neighbors live in isolation and despair.

Our work began in a two-bedroom apartment complex in Palatine with three staff, and now through your continued generous support we are operating out of 4 locations six days a week with a staff of 23 people. POC’s dedicated staff and skilled volunteers in Adult Literacy, Health & Youth programs care deeply about building a productive and healthy community.

It is possible with your donation to build a community of economically self-sustaining families.

Thank you for giving HOPE!

At-risk teenagers given enrichments and academic support can discover their unique talents and strengths.

HOPE happens when…

An underserved child experiences the best the world has to offer in the arts and athletics.

Goals are met and all victories are celebrated in a space where adults are given complete attention and acceptance.

Families spend time in nature and are given a green space to grow healthy foods.

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