Success Stories


Harper College Education Support Staff

If anyone asked me when was my highest point: IN 2011 I got my GED, my CNA, my citizenship, and my driver’s license. It was awesome! POC said that I could do it … doing those classes, and having a connection with people, and understanding that I wasn’t the only one … it’s kind of like they gave me a reason to live, to have energy, to get up and do something … they helped me to realize that I’m capable and smart.


Rockford University Student-Athlete & Palatine Park District Employee

If I didn’t go to ICompete . . . I probably wouldn’t have a job. I joined ICompete and it was all different cultures. Seeing different people, their experiences, and personalities, that was great for me.


POC Receptionist & Palatine Librarian

POC is the opportunity for people to grow up. I am more secure with myself . . . They told me to believe in myself because I didn’t. But now I’m working here [at POC] and I’m working in the library.


POC &CCSD15 Bilingual Liaison

I feel strong now, like POC gave me my armor. I am so happy because I’m working as a Bilingual Liaison, and I’m paid to be here. POC gave me the opportunity to help my community. The people here taught me how to help another person.


Retired Doctor of Internal Medicine

POC has been an oasis in the desert, providing me with all the services I need. Here, I have earned my US citizenship through Harper College, learned English, and now tutor other students.


CCSD15 Nutritional Services

Every time, whatever I need, they help me, or find someone that can help me. When I went to Ciudad Juarez, the [customs official] said, ‘Okay Rosa Maria, I won’t ask you anything, because of your excellent references from POC … you can now have your visa. I always encounter people here that say ‘You can do it,’ that are pushing me to try new things, that say ‘You can be a better person!


POC & CCSD15 Bilingual Liaisons

It feels like my own place. I’m working with my people, helping my people. POC is important because people like me need a lot of help in everything: in English, in computers … and they can come here and get help.

Sarkis & Geyhard

Students at Harper, D214, Oakton Community College & Twin Brothers

POC has supported us learning in and outside of the classroom. Thank you for being our guide in ESL conversational classes, learning to weld, and allowing us to volunteer our tennis skills with high school students.


NCH Community Health Worker, and POC & CCSD15 Bilingual Liaison

Every border has a door, but you have to find it. POC was that open door for me. I always saw other people as better than me. NCH and POC saw something in me, and now, I believe that I can do more.

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